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I am Joanne M. Meurer, a Fine Artist, and an Entrepreneur. My recent work took an exciting eccentric turn when I moved from traditional oil landscapes to the freedom of acrylic mixed media. This new direction has allowed me to be free from the confines of oils, which are more methodic, and take longer to see an end result. What's true for me right now is the need to create, go deep and use music and the medium to guide me. I love the spontaneous results that come from intuitive painting because it's freedom, and that's what I am after.

I am blessed to have shown my work in art galleries in Brooklyn, New York, and Virtual Galleries in NYC; I'm also honored to have sold some originals. Last summer, a well-known composer and pianist found one of my pieces, "Neon Garden at Night," on Instagram. He contacted me and asked if he could compose a piece during a live performance. It was truly amazing to watch him look at my painting and translate it into music.

The first time I showed a friend one of my pieces called "My Mirage," and she said it looked like a pillow. I was HORRIFIED; I thought that meant it wasn't a serious piece of art. I had to sit with this for a bit before I realized there may be more opportunities for people to enjoy my artwork by turning these intuitive paintings into items that everyone can enjoy.

That is how JoanneMeurerDesigns was born.



Summer dresses should be cool, and comfortable. Our dress collection designs are effortless taking you from beach days to evening without missing a beat. Our patters were developed from the original acrylic mixed media art by Joanne M. Meurer


Custom Tote Bags

The effortless, on-the-go Tote Bags come open or zippered to fit all your daily essentials! Colorful prints are part of the Intuitive Collection by Joanne M. Meurer. The spacious interior offers plenty of room, making it work-ready or for everyday use.

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Activewear Collection

Welcome to the Intuitive Originals Activewear collection. Effortless clothing for lounging, exercise, gym, or anywhere you go. Express yourself in our track pants, yoga shorts, and sports bras. Dare to be different with our unique collection.