Joanne Meurer Designs

Joanne Meurer Designs, Original Art, Creative Fashion

I am a Fine Artist and an Entrepreneur. My recent work took an exciting turn when I moved from traditional oil landscapes to acrylic mixed media. This new direction is liberating, I am now free from the confines of oils, which are more deliberate, and allow me to be spontaneous and capture the layered chaos of my own thoughts into works of art. What's true for me right now is the need to create, go deep and use music and the medium to guide me. Intuitive painting is freedom.

I have shown my work in galleries in Brooklyn, New York City, and Virtual Galleries on-line. I'm honored to have sold original work and privileged to have had a well-known composer and pianist translate "Neon Garden at Night," which he found on Instagram, to a LIVE audience.

To create is to grow, I have come a long way since I showed a friend one of my pieces, "My Mirage," who looked at it and said, "This looks like a pillow. HORRIFIED; I thought that meant it wasn't a serious piece. I had to sit with this for a bit before I realized there might be more opportunities for people to enjoy my artwork by turning these intuitive paintings into items everyone can enjoy.

Joanne Meurer Designs is the culmination of my original artwork applied to high fashion clothing, footwear, Bags, Totes, Leather and other unique items responsibly sourced, hand crafted and printed to order. 

Our designs are one-of-kind and not reproduced anywhere else in the world. Our clothing is of the highest quality shipped direct from the manufacturer to your doorstep so you an enjoy these unique items yourself.

Art is Life.